Empowering modern businesses at #TEDFund training

IAS Advisory co-founding partner Mr Anuwat Ngamprasertkul was pleased to join the TED INNOVATION & BUSINESS TRAINING project, which took place from 26-27th October 2023 at the Best Western Nada Don Mueang Airport Hotel in Bangkok.

National experts and esteemed commentators and lecturers were invited to examine the needs of today’s entrepreneurs and to highlight and enhance the knowledge required for successful business ventures. Participants were also able to exchange successful business practices with industry experts and foster networks with other entrepreneurs.

The Technology & Innovation-Based Enterprise Development (TED) Fund, part of Thailand’s Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research & Innovation, organises the TED project with the aim of helping start-ups and entrepreneurs to strengthen and grow their businesses.

This year’s line-up included: Ms Rhiaveinnta Teyvputtaranon, on “Pitching techniques for modern businesses”; Ms Paweensuda Drouin, on “Improving the image of modern executives”; and Dr Wit Sittivaekin, on the “Formula for success in modern global business.”

Anuwat was asked to talk about key Thai laws affecting modern businesses and other legal aspects that are essential for entrepreneurial success. His sessions, on 27th October, included legal considerations that affect the entire business cycle, from initial establishment and corporate structuring to phases of scaling up through mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and initial public offerings (IPOs).

He talked about family business structures and how they can contribute to significantly enhancing businesses. He highlighted the role of contracts in modern business dealings and stressed their importance over informal agreements. He gave updates on Thai labour law and their practical application in the contemporary business environment.

He also covered the importance of ensuring compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) in today’s data-driven world, and suggested dispute resolution strategies to help participants navigate challenges effectively.